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HIPAA Consulting?

Who Should Hop On? HIPAA Covered Entities (Certain healthcare providers who conduct financial and administrative transactions electronically with PHI), Health Plans, Health Care Clearinghouses, Business Associates and Subcontractors.

Consulting On The Go!

-HIPAA Security Risk Analysis? Has your healthcare organization ever conducted one? Has your healthcare organization’s SRA been updated recently?

Security Risk Analysis (SRA) initiates compliance with The Security Rule's administrative, physical, and technical safeguards’ requirements, and reveals threats and vulnerabilities that must be addressed, in a way that complements The Privacy Rule.

Business Associates? Business Associates Agreements? Do you know who your Business Associates are?

Covered Entities vs Business Associates?

Are you a HIPAA Covered Entity? Did you secure a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with your Business Associates (BAs)?


Do you encrypt Protected Health Information (PHI) in motion?

Do you encrypt Protected Health Information (PHI) at rest?

Data Backup?

Are you backing up your data both online and offline?

Offline data backup is your best defense against cyberattack.

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