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Thinking of HIPAA While Thinking of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Updated: Feb 27

Thinking of HIPAA While Thinking of Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Hold on! I am still thinking...

  • Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) hurting patient privacy in healthcare? Now, that's quite a start.

  • Phishing just got easier: No more emails with obvious typos, and grammatical errors. Bad actors can use AI to improve their technical writing skills. In other words, spoofing just got real.

  • Cyberattacks went on and graduated to AI-powered cyber-attacks. What?

What are some best practices before and while using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare?

Before using AI in healthcare

  • Perform a needs assessment to determine which systems, which processes would benefit from AI.

  • Compare AI adoption benefits against the risks that it brings to those systems or those processes.

  • Include AI in your HIPAA Security Risk Assessment, or HIPAA Security Risk re-Assessment.

While using AI

  • Continue to assess AI periodically as part of your HIPAA Security Risk re-Assessment.

Thinking of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

To be continued...


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