Working From Home With Patient Health Information? Check Out These Recommended Best Practices:

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Security: Use your employer provided computer

and be sure full disk encryption is activated.

Of course, be sure that your work computer firewall and anti-malware protection is active.

Access only secure web-based platforms (SSL/TLS). Example: https://...

Perform frequent cloud-based back ups, and conduct frequent offline secure back up sessions to preserve patient health information from losses, or any type of cyber attacks.

Lock your computer every time you step away. Do not share your passwords with anyone in your home, no exceptions.


Isolate yourself away from others in the home to reduce exposure to your computer screen.

Turn your computer screen away from others' views.

Occupy a private room or office, if possible, to work in.


Use lowered voices to mitigate risks for incidental disclosures to family members, friends, and visitors.

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