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Hackers are watching...

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Hackers are watching who?

Are you a Healthcare Provider that conducts certain financial and administrative transactions electronically with PHI ( Ex: Healthcare providers who submit claims electronically)? Are you a Health Plan? Are you a Healthcare Clearinghouse? Are you a Business Associate? Hackers are watching you. They are planning their next steps.

But why?

Because you got Protected Health Information (PHI).

All right now, let's take actions:

Conduct a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis to determine risks and vulnerabilities to electronic protected health information (e-PHI) across the organization.

Monitor health information systems' activity to protect against a cyber-attack.

Implement authentication processes to safeguard electronic protected health information (e-PHI).

Establish and maintain security measures to protect electronic protected health information (e-PHI) from unauthorized access while in transit, and while at rest.

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