Don’t wait!

Don’t wait until you get hacked to be HIPAA compliant.

Don’t let HIPAA be in your way.

Make it your pathway

to excellent healthcare delivery,

prompt, and coordinated continuity

of care, but yet secure PHI transmission:

Encrypt emails containing PHI being transmitted within and outside your network.

Secure your PHI fax/copier/scanner machines.

Practice confidential discussions that mitigate the risks of PHI incidental uses and disclosures, using lowered voices.

Secure a HIPAA-compliant, signed Business Associate Agreement with your Business Associates.

Ensure that your Business Associates do the same with their subcontractors.

Conduct your ongoing HIPAA Security Risk Assessments and re-assessments, annually, after every security incidents and operational changes.

Develop HIPAA Policies and Procedures that are consistent with your practice.

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