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Covered Entity Rhymes

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Covered Entity (Rhymes)

C: Creates, maintains (stores), transmits, and receives Protected Health Information.

O: Overcomes the burden of conducting certain financial and administrative transactions, electronically with Protected Health Information,

in so many situations.

V: Verifies HIPAA identifiers at scheduling, registration, and prior to treatment.

E: Embraces the challenges of maintaining the confidentiality, privacy, security, and integrity of Protected Health Information, within its environment.

R: Reduces the risks of incidental disclosures, in each department.

E: Empowers all of its employees with trainings on the Privacy Rule,

The Security Rule,

The Administrative Simplification Rule, The Omnibus Final Rule,

and the Breach Notification Rule.

D: Did we miss a rule?

E: Enlists the services of business associates, after securing a business associate agreement.

N: Never rushes when dealing with Protected Health Information, because of HIPAA.

T: Trains on any new HIPAA changes, at any moment.

I: Improves its processes in a manner consistent to HIPAA.

T: Thus,

Y: You must


a HIPAA covered entity.



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